NEW BOOK RELEASE: “Bruised, Not Broken” by LaShanna Taylor Sweeney

by LaShanna Taylor Sweeney

The short story “Bruised, Not Broken” is a story about resiliency.

When the story starts we meet the main character Kaandra who is newly single and recovering from some health issues. Although Kaandra hasn’t been lucky in the love department, she still believes in love.

One day while surfing a popular dating websites, she stumbles across Kevin’s profile. She ‘liked’ his profile picture and he sent her an instant message. They seemed to hit it off instantly and things got serious, fast.

At first Kevin appeared to be the “Mr. Right” that Kaandra had been praying for. Kaandra thought she knew who Kevin was but she really didn’t have a clue. Eventually she would be pushed beyond her limits with the issues and circumstances Kevin would bring into her life…nothing could have prepared her for them.

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