LaShanna’s Press Release New Book – “Escaping Her Past”


Author L.T. Sweeney Announces New Book “Escaping Her Past” To Teach People about Survival

The book tells the story of Sharon, who was rejected by those who should’ve loved her. Despite her past she was able to get her life back on track and create opportunities and hope for the future.

Author L.T. Sweeney is proud to announce a new book titled “Escaping Her Past.” The book tells the story of Sharon, a woman who has spent her entire life desiring love and affection from people who’re naturally supposed to give it to her.

Growing up was tough for Sharon. At a very young age, her drug addict mother abandoned her at the most vulnerable time of her life. She was forced into a foster home, which made things worse for her because of the negative experience.

Despite all the challenges, Sharon pulled through in life by getting herself together and creating opportunities for her future. But then, her past kept haunting her as she continued to reflect on it and react to current situations based on her past experiences.

Eventually, Sharon succeeds in several aspects of her life, giving her hope for better things to come. Her experience and journey, which are meticulously detailed in this book, is a good example for many people going through similar situations to learn from.

There are several people today going through tough times because of what happened to them in the past. They find it hard to escape from all those hurting memories and move on in life. L.T. Sweeney wrote this book to help them learn from a story they can easily relate to. The book is like a guide for
people dealing with issues of the past in their lives, so they can learn to overcome their struggles.

Escaping Her Past is written in simple and plain English that makes it easy for people to understand. However, each of the 60 pages has something unique to offer readers, as they continue to flip from one page to the next; they are driven deeper into the story and immersed in the main character and begin to feel for her.

L.T. Sweeney is a passionate writer committed to creating engaging stories that add value to people’s lives. Reviews and testimonials of people who have read the book show it is impacting lives. They’re appreciative of the author’s creativity and storytelling that is comforting to the soul.

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