Free Stuff at Your Favorite Food Stops

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Head to these locations on a special day to get free food or drinks!

Free Coffee Day at Dunkin Donuts

Every Monday, you can get free coffee at Dunkin Donuts. You’ll need to be a member of DD perks to enjoy the free brew, but signing up is easy. Plus, what else could make Mondays better?

Free Donut at Dunkin Donuts

Another bonus of DD perks is a free donut on Fridays. Just as you’re dragging yourself across the finish line, you can stop by and get a sweet snack. I guess we now know what makes free coffee Mondays better!

Set Your Calendar for Next July

Free Slurpee at 7/11

Of course, July 11th is 7-11’s day, so its tradition to head there on that date to get a free slurpee. This year, COVID forced the convenience store to cancel Slurpee Day, but there’s always next year. 

Free Scoop at Baskin-Robbins

Baskin-Robbins celebrates National Ice Cream Day on July 19th. Go to a local store to get a free scoop! Since it’s in the middle of the summer, bring the kids, they’ll enjoy it too!

Free Fries Burger King

On July 13th, between Slurpee and Ice Cream day, there is Fries day. Head to Burger King for free fries. Who knows, if you manage to hit all these free food days, you could gain the summer fifteen to add to that freshman fifteen you’ve never been able to lose.