Everything You Can Do In Cabo

Cabo is a popular beach destination and resort in southern Mexico. If you watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians, you’ll know that the ladies often head to Cabo for some rest and relaxation. Not to mention that the beautiful beaches and ocean make it the perfect backdrop for a reality TV show. Even without the million-dollar yachts and houses, your Cabo vacation can be magical, just like Kim’s.

Land’s End, El Arco

In the Baja Peninsula, there are giant rocks jutting out of the sea. This is Land’s End or El Arco. This is one of the top places you should visit during your Cabo stay. Not only is it incredibly picturesque, but it’s also peaceful with very few tourists. Be careful swimming in the ocean as the current is quite strong at times. 

Playa del Amor, Playa del Divorcio

El Arco is sandwiched between Lovers Beach and Divorce Beach. Most places have a lovers’ beach or some romantic seaside town, but there, you get to bookend your relationship. Whether you go as a joke or as a romantic closure to your time together, start at one beach and end at the other. If nothing else, you’ll have a travel story to tell for years to come.

Whale Watching

Take a whale watching boat tour for two hours to half a day. The best time is between December and April. That’s when whales are migrating through this region. After January, you may even spot baby whales. You can go purely for sightseeing or you can go on more scientific tours where your guide is a marine biologist.

Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park

There are national parks all over the world, but a national marine park? This experience is great for those who want all their activities to center around the ocean. You can observe wildlife, go swimming or join a sightseeing tour. Cabo Pulmo is a great way to spend a day feeling closer to nature. 

San Jose del Cabo

For city folk, you’ll want to check out the “Old Town,” also known as San Jose del Cabo. There are beaches there, but you can also stroll the streets and take in the charming architecture or go shopping. When you’re tired, indulge in fresh seafood for lunch or dinner.