So when you really think about…is it worth it? Please read! Seems fairly accurate.

When you get sick from the Covid 19 virus, you first experience a constant cough, loss of taste, and a fever. Your head aches, you’re hot, you have chills, and you have an unrelenting fever. Your fever is so high and consistent, Tylenol offers little relief. Your body aches in every joint, and the lethargy, lost of taste and sore throat make eating unbearable. This may even feel like the typical flu, except it doesn’t get better. It gets worse. As the virus takes over your body, you began to have shortness of breath. You realize that you’re breathing slowly, and the breathes are hard, heavy, like you have a sponge stuck in your throat and nose. When you try to fill your lungs with air, you cannot. And that scares you. Your lungs are on fire with each inhale, and paired with the coughs, it’s almost impossible to breath. With every breath, your chest, arms, back, fingers, toes, everything…hurts. You are terrified now. So, you go to the hospital, and no one can go in with you. They’re not allowed in. So you go in by yourself, sick, and scared. The medical team gives you oxygen, and it burns the entrance to your nose. You are now so sick that even the forced oxygen is no relief. So a team of medical professionals in protective gear (you can hardly make out their faces) enter your isolated room, and put a couple of half-inch tubes down your throat to get past the bronchi and into your lungs. They are working to save your life. You are now on an artificial respirator, because you can no longer breathe on your own. To be intubated is painful, and if you’re conscious, you will not be able to speak or eat. You will be alone. With no family, friends, loved ones…no one. You’ve become a risk to others because if around, you’d infect them with the same thing that is killing you. But understand, it’s no party for those who love you, either. Because of you, they get to be at home, without you there, scared, and in constant worry about you. And as you lay in your hospital bed, feeling so alone, you begin to cry, and you realize that you’re afraid of dying. You wonder why God is doing this to you, but then you remember that “thing” you just had to attend last week. All those events, with all those people, that beautiful weather, the beach, and you remember how many people you kissed or hugged or took pics with. It was so much fun, right? It seemed harmless. No one there was sick…or were they? It is then that you’ll wish you hadn’t gone out, hadn’t risked your life, you’ll even hope that you havent infected others, and THIS IS WHEN YOU WILL UNDERSTAND WHY THEY TOLD YOU TO STAY AT HOME. 😐


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